A blockchain conference for law and beyond

How Blockchain is going to change the legal relations in society?

Join us to discuss with legal professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders from large companies

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July 24-25, 2018 Oporto, Portugal
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The event

A Conference about Blockchain, the legal aspects and much more


Possibly the biggest change in the world since the emergence of the Internet, the Blockchain technology came to revolutionize the way we carry out transactions between people and entities in a secure, global and decentralised basis.

Popularly known because of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain will cause a massive transformation of the legal world and the society as we know it. Smart contracts, people and documents authentication, as well as business models that have never before been possible, start to rise in a new wave of innovation and connected services.

To jurists, executives and entrepreneurs, it remains to understand how they can integrate in this marvelous new world and which its major legal impacts are.

What is Legalize Blockchain?

It is an unique event which is going to discuss all the legal issues of Blockchain and how these issues can change with the technological evolution of Blockchain.

For whom this event is for?

Lawyers, legal practitioners, company executives, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

When and where?

On 24 and 25 July 2018, in Oporto, Portugal.


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